I could dance circles around the world like a fun-loving, superhero-style Chuck Norris



Welcome to my blog.

Here’s a little about me:

I think crazy cat ladies are extremely misunderstood.

[You still there?]

I can’t think of a single occasion that a bow tie is inappropriate.

And I love small acts of kindness, like a school friend giving you 50 cents to buy a jelly cup from the tuckshop or a special friend giving you a gold framed hologram picture of a unicorn for your desk at work and then a colleague kindly complimenting your ‘lovely artwork’.

This blog will be a random collection of what’s the deal withs, what ifs and come ONS!

My next blog post will be “what’s the deal with the people working the McDonald’s drive thru pretending they can’t talk to me at the first speakerbox. Come ON! We just met, let’s start the conversation off right. Can you hear me?? CHEESEBURGER! See you in a sec.”

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